Agile, correct and consistent headcounts and cost management with the HR Budget Tool.

Why HR Budget Tool?

Best tool for creating different and reliable scenarios in a short time, planning the future with the most effective estimates. Use HR Budget Tool for agile human resources budget management.
Managing corporate resources correctly, budget planning with the most effective estimates with the right scenario analysis is an inevitable necessity for every organization today. Budget calculation is a process that requires technical infrastructure, especially for HR professionals in companies with high expense items and high flexibility expectations. It is a tool that creates budget scenarios in a short time, with the most accurate data and flexible parameters, integrated or independent of any HR system without technical calculation knowledge.

Easy Budget Planning and Management

With flexible, easy and parametric infrastructure and interface, you can manage the budget planning and reporting process without the need for advanced technology and technical expertise.

Unlimited Expense Item and Flexible Criterias

With the special tool prepared for parameter management, you can associate an unlimited number of expense items with employees with standard or custom calculations.

Cost Centers and Fast Calculations

You can associate expense items and employees with the right cost centers, and provide compatible, fast and accurate data sharing between Finance and Human Resources.

Vacant Staff and Current Employee Management

With the employee numbers module, you can compare FTE planning and current employee list, analyze the impact of vacancies, and report the transfer, rotation and turnover of active employees.

Multiple Scenario and Version Comparison

With the flexible parameter management module, you can run an unlimited number of versions and scenarios, and easily compare the created versions, planned budget and actual budgets.

Integration with HRIS and Financial Systems

SAP BPC, Hyperion, Bilin Humanist vb bir çok sistem ile entegre çalışabilir, dilerseniz herhangi bir IT ve entegrasyon maliyetine girmeden bağımsız çalışıp bu sistemlere aktarım raporları oluşturabilirsiniz.

Why should I use it?

HR Budget Tool, which provides flexible (industry independent) Human Resources budget management of global and local companies; it is fast, agile and effective.
It ensures that budget planning and management is done correctly and completely, and that it is reported correctly to the responsible manager and senior management.
Post-planning, revision budgets, simulation and scenarios make it easier to work.

User Friendly

Easy to manage interface without technical knowledge

Reasonable Price

Infrastructure independent of IT with high price/performance score

Fast and Flexible Reporting

Specially developed calculation methods and unlimited reporting

Confidential Data Security

System open only to the management of the authorized HR team, closed to external access


Unlimited currency and infrastructure suitable for different tax systems


Customizable infrastructure suitable for your company and different dynamics

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